Youtube is a company that was started by three PayPal employees in February 2005. The company became so popular that it was bought by Google in November 2006 for $1.65 billion. The video-sharing website now operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries. Google itself nets $115,150 of revenue in one minute and converts $23,509 of that […]

The Earth stood as still as you did. The gentle autumn breeze touched hit your face as the open fields around you brought memories. To your surprise, there were still trees standing and animals still wandering. The thought of there still being life in a place where so much death occurred was amazing. The fields […]

Roadworks are the best things that happens to the public but like a small child, they’re not understood. You see, roadworks are an example of team work that everyone should observe and learn from. Whilst one construction worker leans back on huge machinery and smokes a cigarette on duty, his colleague has his back by […]

As a male of this generation’s youth, I vigorously disagree with Isabelle Kerr’s article on how young people talk. Slang is a sub-language to the standard English language, that is more prolific and divergent. It expands the way in which we communicate with each other in many forms rather than using sanitized English. In order […]

We all love listening to music, no matter what type of genre you’re into, hip hop, rock, soul, classic etcetera. I could say the same for the genre of videos people watch. However I am more than sure we can all agree on the one thing, the fact that we can be enjoying ourselves on […]

In Shakespeare and the studied poet’s writings, they use multiple language devices to demonstrate how a character changes over time due to different forces they have no control over. The forces are mainly death-related as in Hamlet the characters are confronted with many scenes of death, an important one being King Hamlets death. In Ben […]

Goodbye, my loved child, my happiness, My sin was too hope too much of you, my loved boy, Taken by determined fate, on the exact day Oh, could I never have become a father now! Why does a man grieve over state that he envies? To have so soon escaped the world’s impurity and rage […]

In Gertrudes Chamber, Polonius enters and tells her to be harsh to Hamlet upon his arrival whilst he hides behind a tapestry. When Hamlet arrives Gertrude tells him that he has offended his father, meaning his stepfather Claudius. He interrupts her telling her that he will make her fully aware of the profundity of her […]

Claudius begins to feel that Hamlet is a threat and summons Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to take Hamlet to England immediately. He says that because Hamlet is a threat to the King he is a threat to the people of Denmark. The two friends of Hamlet agree and leave. Claudius begins to pray at his private […]

Hamlet speaks to the actors and instructs them to act out a play called ‘Murder of Gonzago’ which has a similar story as to what happened to the dead King Hamlet. Hamlet explains to his trustworthy friend Horatio that the play will demonstrate whether the ghost he saw is telling the truth or is a […]

The King and Queen enter with Guildenstern, Rosencrantz, Ophelia, Polonious and other members of the court. The King questions Hamlet’s friends about their findings but can only admit that he is distracted but has not said by what. Thereafter,  the King ordered Gertrude to leave so that he and Polonius could spy on a meeting […]

To exist or not to exist, thats the dilemma, Whether its better to think its honourable to suffer, The sieges of bad fortune, or to take up our arsenal of arms against our sea of problems, to end them by fighting? To die: to sleep, That’s it, for sleep is a beautiful sayonara, to all […]